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 Guild Improvements!!!

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White Rose

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PostSubject: Guild Improvements!!!   Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:21 pm

The fact of having all being an officer did not work out as well as i thought! As much as i would love to have each and everyone of my members and officer it just isnt an option! There are some SIMPLE rules that i have not been inforcing that i will start doing (as you will see as i have kicked several people for this)

The only rule i TRUELY have and wish to start reinforcing again is to be ACTIVE! no 1 month inactive or else i will kick (if you leave a message on here stating you will be inactive for such time and why i will not kick you as long as i am told of the inactivity!!)

I wish to start making this a good guild. I do not expect anyone to do anything (besides being active) we are a family and as such things will not be forced. My cousin and i were speaking and he thinks it would be a good idea to start a GVG team. Of course this will need some practice before we actually start but if you think its a good idea reply to this topic please and i will have you speak to my cousin.

I do not wish to become one of the "you have to do this or that in a certain time" no i will not be that kind of leader. But if youd like to i would like to keep at least 100k factions in at all times!

I would like to set a goal for all of us, you do not have to be apart of it but its nice to have done! We should all finish all campaigns on at least 1 character. That way new players can get help from members and we not worry about "i havent been there yet"

Now i understand we ALL have real lives and things to do so participating isnt a must but it would be fun and nice to do as a group!!!

I am currently lookin for someone able to recruite members btw if you think your able then we can work something out maybe if someone recruites.... 20 members a month (that stays) they can get a prize but we will see

I want to try to set up monthly then weekly events working around everyones schedule. Like 1v1s and 2v2s or AB weekend for us as a group or JQ friday or something something nice to do as a group! ideas are always welcome and appreciated!! remember this is a group and family effort. I couldnt have gotten anywhere on here without the help of my friends and family!!!! If we work together we can get things done!!!! Any questions let me know on here or in game!

Please check the Website weekly, you never know when something new may come up!!!
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Underworld Mistress
Underworld Mistress

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Improvements!!!   Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:35 pm

Would love the idea about the GvG though i'm not a very very active and stable player on this game but for GvG i surely come back once in a while =)
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Guild Improvements!!!
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